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Bespoke Fire Protection System for Tercel

Tercel are an oil and gas services company designing, customising and manufacturing drilling and well construction products. Tercel approached RJA Electrical with an interesting project to create a bespoke designed fire protection system for a test bay that forms part of their research and development.

When Tercel later moved premises, this system needed to be relocated and set up in the new premises and we managed this relocation from start to finish.

The bespoke designed system incorporated electrical, fire, & CCTV systems. It needed to be able to alert a responsible person on activation of any of those systems. Finally, it also needed to provide the ability to check whether a real fire was occurring or a simulated one.

RJA Electrical Engineers brought our considerable expertise in all of these areas to design the system and bring it to fruition. Starting with close customer liaison to establish the exact requirements for the job, we applied our specialist knowledge of monitoring systems and integration with clients’ networks to add and view live images from CCTV, we used well developed knowledge and experience to integrate the electrical, fire and CCTV systems needed.

The solution required the setting up of local control of high powered equipment to allow the correct lighting level to be achieved and this task was one we also undertook. The final piece of the puzzle involved installing cameras pointed at the control panels, and at the test rig itself, to allow remote checking of whether a fire was a real fire or a simulated one.

The project was completed on budget and turned around within one week.

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